Looking to understand organisational change and restructuring best practice?

Our Restructure Workbook takes you step-by-step through the key issues that need to be addressed during an organisational restructure.

Restructure Workbook cover.png

In the workbook, you’ll find:

  • A sample restructuring flowchart
  • Restructuring tips
  • 10 key issues that a business case for restructure needs to include
  • 5 drivers to be addressed regarding timeframes and employee impact
  • Transition options for staff affected by the restructure
  • 9 considerations around logistics
  • A sample roles and responsibilities chart
  • 4 steps to successfully rebuild after a restructure

 This document is intended as a practical guide for leaders and HR professionals who are leading or facilitating organisational restructure or change processes and the procedures to be followed when any restructuring is being planned and/or implemented. It should be noted, as no two restructuring proposals are ever the same, the specific detail of any proposed restructure should be discussed with an HR and/or a legal specialist.