Research that shows 70% of organisational change efforts fail.

Discover what you need to know to successfully manage your organisational restructure.... 

Inside the restructure kit, you will learn about:Restructure Kit Pg1.png

  • Insights into the impacts of restructuring on your employees and organisation 
  • Key issues to consider before, during and after your organisational changes
  • A restructure roadmap to highlight key areas that need to        be addressed
  • 5 tips for getting it 'right'
  • What to look for to assess how successful the restructure was
  • Direct and indirect costs of getting restructure wrong

Successful restructuring requires strong leadership and managerial skills, whether it’s for downsizing, site closure, or a merger/acquisition. While the reason for restructure is to align the workforce to best achieve organisational objectives, this is often easier said than done.